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This is a program for those parents that are under age 21.  If you are enrolled in high school, talk with your counselor or Mrs. Holman about enrolling in a PAT credit class! Special teen meetings are held every third Thursday, during the Seminar block. If you need to schedule a visit with your parent educator or need to enroll, call the PAT office (359-7012 and ask for Brooke Johnston). For students who are parents at the Junior High school, see school counsoler Gina Robbins for details of being bussed to the teen meetings!

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PAT Locker
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Parents as Teachers

2020 Kindergarten Enrollment information

Kindergarten Assessments are taking place at your child's elementary school now!  Call now for an appointment.


Steadley: February 20th 359-7065

Columbian: February 24th 359-7065

Fairview: February 25th 359-7060

Mark Twain: February 27th 359-7080

Pleasant Valley: February 27th 359-7085


Additional Information

1. Have you done your PAT screening? It is different than the kindergarten assessment done at the elementary buildings.  Please call 359-7012 to schedule your screening.
2. Even if you plan to do a boundary transfer you must start with enrollment at your home school! Call now if you haven’t!

What is parents as teachers?

Carthage R-9 Parents as Teachers program is a free program for the Carthage school district.  We serve over 1450 children from prenatal through kindergarten entry.  Parents are a child's first and best teacher.  Our goal is help parents prepare their children for school.  We offer free screenings and referrals to preschool and other services.

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Valentine Pet Party

Speical thanks to SMB and the Moola Moola cow who gave everyone a toy dog! Thanks to Carthage Family Literacy Council for the books and Jeanne Hardwicke Goolsby, Mary Kirby, Kim Splitter and Judy Pace for reading! Thanks New Day Dog Training with Hannah Miller and BEAR for coming! Thanks Megan Ryan and her dog Gio! Thanks to JOPLIN HUMANE SOCIETY for bringing out Mrs Purrington the sweetest cat ever and thanks to Hailey Baker and Logan for delivering the Valentines we made to St Luke’s Nursing Home residents!

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PAT Math EvenT

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Early Childhood's Lending Library

On April 18, 2018 the Early Childhood and PAT students and staff joined the Carthage Literacy Council, the Chamber of Commerce, district administration, school board members and community members for the ribbon cutting of Carthage's fifth lending library. Anyone can borrow books. Lending Libraries are located in front of Early Childhood, Columbian, YMCA, by Chamber of Commerce and North of Grace Episcopal at Howard and Chestnut.

If you have books to donate please email

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The Carthage school district services any child, prenatal up to kindergarten entry with Parents as Teachers.  This is a FREE service for any baby-toddler-preschooler in the area that helps parents become their child’s first and best teacher, puts parents in contact with the resources in the community they need and successfully transitions parents and students to be ready and successful in school!  Call Parents as Teachers 359-7012 to enroll today!

Your Parents as Teachers Staff

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This team sees any family in our district with children prenatal to kindergarten entry as a free service through the R-9. Free parenting tips to ensure your children are ready for school!  We tie you into preschools, interventions if needed and get lots of books and age appropriate information into homes!  Call today 359-7012   Bottom row left- Brooke Johnston, Beatriz Bonilla, and Ellie Waite.  Back row left- Jane Goade, Diane Lane, Patty Ogden, Sherry Fuller, Yoselyn Garza and Kamie Bourgault.

Read! Read! Read!

Did you know...

Babies who are read to go to school with thousands of more words in their vocabulary than those who are not. 

Parents can get a free book from PAT donated by the Carthage Literacy Council by calling 359-7012.



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Contact Information:


(417) 359-7012


625 E. Fairview

Carthage, MO 64836


If sickness is in your home, please cancel your appointment. 

We don't want to spread germs.


*****Winter Weather*****

If the R-9 Schools are closed, we will not be completing visits for the day. Thank you for keeping our safety as well as yours a priority!

Julie's class

Julie Anderson, retired R9 preschool teacher, hosts quarterly preschool events at PAT.  In February, School Board President Jeff Jones, attended the class as a guest reader.  Thank you Mr. Jones!

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Do the Right Thing Award

Julie Anderson, retired R-9 teacher, was honored with a Do The Right Thing Award at the April 18th Board meeting.  Mrs. Anderson volunteers her time one day a month to conduct a preschool class for eleven students in our community who do not qualify for Head Start or District preschool services.  Mrs. Anderson is pictured with Jane Goade, PAT Coordinator; Brady Hembree (one of Mrs. Anderson's students) with his father, Robert Hembree; and Michael Goolsby, Board President.

Do the Right Thing Recipient Julie Anderson
PAT Events