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About the Early Childhood & Special Education Programs

The Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education programs serve children three to five years of age (not Kindergarten eligible). We have seven integrated classrooms which are taught by a certified Early Childhood Special Education Teacher located at the Early Childhood Special Education Center and three regular education classrooms at Pleasant Valley. Our programs implement the Emerging Language and Literacy Curriculum (ELLC).

In our classrooms, children experience a wonderful early childhood opportunity. Our daily schedule allows for a language-enriched circle time, shared storybook reading, teacher-directed phonological awareness activities, music and movement, learning centers, and recess. Our focus is developing each child's language skills, social/emotional skills, adaptive behavior skills, fine/gross motor skills, and cognitive skills to prepare him/her for Kindergarten.

If you are interested in participating in our program, you must schedule a free screening with the Carthage R-9 Parents As Teachers program. Call 417-359-7012 to schedule your screening.